Driving Test Tips

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Driving Test Tips

Pass practical test easily

So you have booked your driving test and are wondering how to pass your driving test quickly. Do not panic we are here to help you.

  • First and foremost take enough driving lessons that you feel confident on the road to drive by yourself without instructions.
  • Try and watch driving videos recorded by other people. Many are available on YouTube. This will help you understand how a driving test is conducted and how you are expected to drive.
  • Read your theory test questions especially hazard perceptions before the test. Now you will ask why is it necessary. Practical test is demonstration of the theory test so if you know the subject, you will perform better.
  • Take a mock test. If you are scared of the driving test, ask you instructor to give you a mock test couple of days before your actual driving test.
  • Try and book the test in the same time slot as your driving lessons. Simply because you know the road and you have driven during that time a several times. It becomes easier to relate and calms your nerves. You can use driving test cancellations to find your suitable test slot.
  • Keep your electronic devices preferably at home to avoid any distractions. If you have to carry your phone then keep it switched off during the test.
  • Do not go too early inside the test centre on the day of your test. Officially you need to be there when your names is called. So reach around 5 minutes before your test. The reason is you see other instructors/drivers talking and that might make you anxious.
  • Park your car in the direction you want your test to start. Generally the examiners would ask you to drive on straight.
  • This may not work may no harm in being nice to your examiner. Greet them with a smile and a good morning/afternoon. It brakes the ice and makes the process less awkward.

Hope this helps you to pass your driving test. Happy Driving! (These tips are gathered from personal experiences of people and in no way expressly declared by DVSA.)