Rent or Own Car

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Rent or Own Car

New year new drive!

Yes Yes it is a new year new resolutions new goals. And one of them would be to get a new car or start driving your own car.

Yes you have read it right. You can rent a car and it will be cheaper than buying a new car plus the insurance, MOT, repair charges etc. You will say that's not correct. So let us break down the numbers.

Car rent per day in London is £5 - £10 per hour to £40 - £70 per 24 hours depending on the type of car you hire. Now this also depend which part of United Kingdom you are hiring the car and from which company. There are loads of companies who rent cars on hourly basis or weekly basis. Choose wisely.

Also be careful about the terms and conditions when you rent a car. Especially the return and pick up times, fuel tank levels and the return location. You might be charged if the fuel tank is not full. Mainly check you have a valid insurance to drive the car.

Now if you buy a car a new one costs no less than £20,000 for a good one. Say you are buying a second hand car. It requires a lot of research and lot of looking around but if you get a good deal you would still spend roughly around £5000 - £10000 for a good sturdy car. Now this would vary from time to time.

So you can choose what suits you best. If you don't like managing a car, doing the repairs, MOTs, keeping it clean then you can surely rent a car. But if you still wish to buy a car please feel free to find the perfect one.