Parking in UK

Parking in UK

Tricks to find parking

As the summer is approaching in UK, you would soon be planning your trips and already dreading about where to park your car.

Let us help you simplify this problem of finding parking by having a look at the road signs and what they mean:

Single continuous yellow line: This means that there will be parking time restrictions during which you must not park. For example, if the board says 9 am to 6 pm then it means you should not park between these times. Also it is free to park outside these timings on a single yellow line.

Double continuous yellow line: This means no parking at any time on these lines. These lines are generally found in narrow lanes or approaching a junction etc to avoid casualties or traffic in these places.

Zigzag lines: This means there is a school nearby and you must never stop or park on these lines.

White marked bays: The white bays are marked boxes on the roads which can be used to park. You would find these outside small shops or houses. Do look for the signs near these bays which specify between what timings you can park and how much it will cost. There will be a pay machine nearby where you can pay per hour basis, take the ticket and place it in your car. Failing to see a ticket in the car, you could be fined by a warden. You can also pay for parking using mobile Apps like Paybyphone, Ringo, Parkmobile etc. You have to use location code and the time you want the space for parking. Best is you can extend at anytime. Please do check for boards saying Permit holders only or disability bays marked on the road.

Supermarkets : Parking in the supermarket car park is generally free for 1 or 2 hours but always read the board for parking information. There have been a lot of people being fined for leaving their vehicles longer in these car parks. A lot of them these days have 'pay and display' machines to stop making it free. Malls in UK mostly have paid parking.

Apart from these, always make sure that you do not park in front of anybody's driveway as this could be inconvenient for them to get their vehicle out. Also never park at junctions, bus stops, tram stops, signals or roundabouts as it can cause an accident. Avoid double parking in narrow lanes as it could block the traffic from moving and you can always look out for gaps to park. And most importantly, park considerately by avoiding gaps so more cars can be parked especially while bay parking.

Hope this has been helpful information about Parking in UK and for more details on driving in UK please have a look at our website