Theory of Driving

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Theory of Driving

Want to know how to crack theory test? Read on

After you have got your provisional license, book your theory test as soon as possible. It is very easy to book one on the

Once you have booked your theory test, you will wonder where to get the material? The theory test consists of two parts: Multiple choice questions and Hazard Perception. There are many options available to study the Multiple Choice Questions from the following:

  1. Essential driving skills
  2. Know your traffic signs
  3. The Highway Code

If you like to read a book while you are studying then you can buy the official book from the DVSA website (click on the book listed above). But if you like using an application to study then buy here Theory Test. Happy studying for your theory test!

*Did you know if you were registered library member, you could use the online DVSA theory Test pro for free.