Practical Driving Test Checklist

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Practical Driving Test Checklist

What to bring for driving test!

Keep this checklist handy before you go for your practical driving test or print it to remember what to carry with you. It is very important not to forget any important documents before going to the test.

  1. Provisional Driving License You can not go to your test without you provisional driving license as you won't be able to give the test without this card. It is always good to keep it in your purse or wallet which you use everyday so you don't loose it or drop it anywhere. Make sure that the details in your provisional driving license are updated 4 weeks before your test. In case you have changed your name or address, you can update it in your provisional driving license for free by using (DVLA) ( "DVLA") website.

  2. Glasses or Lenses If you have glasses or lenses for your eyesight, then do not forget to carry them to the test. If your forget your glasses to the test, your performance will be hindered and you might fail the test. Clear eyesight is very crucial for passing your driving test. We recommended to have your eyesight checked before you plan to start driving.

  3. Wear Comfortable clothes It is very important that you are relaxed and wear comfortable clothes for you practical driving test to avoid any distractions or disturbances. Tight clothing while driving might restrict your movements and complicate your reflexes. Generally wear clothes which you have been wearing while taking your driving lessons as you have practised in them and feel comfortable.

  4. Footwear You might not think this as an important factor to consider before going for you practical driving test but it may affect your driving. Research shows that 1.8 million drivers are wearing unsuitable footwear while driving which could lead to dangerous driving according to a poll conducted. Again try your footwear during driving lessons or driving practice sessions before the test. Trainers or sneakers are generally very comfortable and preferred by most people while driving.

  5. Theory Test Certificate You must carry a theory test certificate which has not expired. Note that theory test once passed is valid for two years from the date of passing. In case you have lost your certificate do not worry. Inform the DVLA and they will send you a letter at your registered address and you can then take this letter to your driving test.

Always remember to confirm that you have everything from this checklist before you go for your practical driving test. DrivingScout wants to help you start your driving journey and we wish you good luck for the same.