New Driving Test 2017

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New Driving Test 2017

Do not panic we have got you covered for the New driving test

So today, I will be sharing the details of the New Driving test 2017 and the changes made to the existing test. The new test will be in effect from 4 December 2017. So anyone taking the test on this date or after this date will be tested on the new driving test rules.

Let us understand what is added to the existing test. 1. More Independent Driving Not to worry too much, as the amount of independent driving in your test has increased to 20 minutes. So most time of your test will be spent in driving on your own without any instructions.

  1. Satellite Navigation As most of the drivers use Sat-Nav for driving purposes, DVLA thought that it is necessary to test the learning drivers on the same. This could be so that you don't get distracted once you start using sat-nav. The destination will be added by the examiner and you will just have to follow the directions. Not everyone is tested on this so if you are lucky, then you will be the fourth person among five people who is not tested on sat-nav.

Now let us understand what is removed from the existing test. 1. Reverse round the corner So the manoeuvre of reverse round the corner and three point turn are removed from the test with effect from 4 December 2017. I do not know why this decision was made but it is good news for those who cannot keep the steering steady.

The other parts of the test remain the same where you would be asked questions about the car parts, or "what will you do in the situation". You will still be asked to parallel park or pull up in a safe place.

So keep practising and ask your driving instructor to give you mock tests. This will help you to boost your confidence and also to know your faults. The more comfortable you are with these changes before your test, more confident you will be on the day of your test. For more information on why these changes were made read DVSA website.

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