Good news for Learner's Drivers

Good news for Learner's Drivers

Motor-way ahead!

Yes. You have heard it right. DVSA has confirmed that you can start driving lessons on the motorway with an ADI instructor from Monday 4 June 2018. The car must have dual controls.

This step is taken so that you can get a practice of driving on a motorway which is very essential for driving in future. The fact that you can do it with an instructor will help you learn in real time how to drive on motorways.

However it is a choice. You don't have to do this. It is not mandatory for learning drivers to take motorway driving lessons. Nor it is a part of the driving test. So you can choose to take motorway lessons for your practice but it is not compulsory.

Now as there will be few students who would want to take these lessons and learn from the experience of driving on the motorway, the majority of people would opt out as it is not a mandate to pass the test. Learner drivers just want to pass the driving test to get a licence. So we think even though it is allowed for learner drivers to learn motorway driving, it won't be used.

A point to keep in mind is that the prices of driving lessons with motorway driving will go up. It could be provided as an add on lesson or a separate package but it definitely won't be included in the regular classes as it is not a part of the actual driving test.

So good news or not, Learner drivers, you at least now know that you can learn to drive on the motorways. wonder how helpful it will be driving on a traffic filled M25! We will find out soon.